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Detroit, USA: Everyone loves a good comeback, and Detroit is currently in the middle of one. Successful techno club manager Dimitri Hegemann sees potential in the city’s run down post-industrial neighbourhoods that remind him of Berlin in the 1990s. Downtown heritage architecture, like the David Whitney and Wright Kay Buildings, have already been restored to their former glory – soon hip clubs in derelict factories will follow. Fiona Brutscher

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Welcome back to Detroit, John Varvatos!

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John Varvatos, a Detroit native, opened his Downtown Detroit store today inside the former Wright Kay Building at the corner of Woodward and John R.

John Varvatos is a brand that occupies a unique place in the landscape of American design. It unites old world craftsmanship and refined tailoring with modern innovations in textiles and a rock ‘n’ roll sensibility. Launched in 2000 with a collection of tailored clothing and sportswear, the brand now represents an entire lifestyle that includes belts, bags, footwear, eyewear, limited edition watches, luxury skincare and fragrances, as well as the younger, edgier John Varvatos Star U.S.A. collection and Converse by John Varvatos.”

The photo gallery below from the company’s website (www.johnvarvatos.com) gives you a glimpse of what to expect when you visit.

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Restored Wright-Kay Building Daylights Old Iron Columns

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Originally posted by Detroit Curbed

The Wright-Kay Building [home of Wright & Company] is back. Concealed by a plywood barricade during its months-long construction process, the restored ground floor has been revealed days before its debut as John Varvatos. The new look is a huge upgrade for the 124-year-old building. Installed decades ago, the previous granite facade hid the original cast iron frame like a bulky set of sweatpants. John Varvatos doesn’t open to the public ’til Friday, but let’s hope Bedrock Real Estate Services worked similar magic on the interior.

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