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Soft Drink Map

Check the full lineup from Thrillist.

In Michigan the honor is split between two soft drinks with a Detroit connection.

According to Thrillist

Faygo Beverages Inc. is perhaps best known nationally for being appropriated by Insane Clown Posse, but this refreshing Michigan soda’s wildly popular in its home state for its multitude of flavors and relatively low cost. This could’ve gone to Vernors as well, but Faygo is more ubiquitous throughout the state and is still made in Detroit, so it comes out on top.

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The 23 Best Detroit Instagram Accounts

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Originally published by Thrillist

Ahhh Detroit. Certainly such a photogenic city full of interesting weirdos would have to yield a number of Instagram accounts to keep you inspired and/or distracted, and it most certainly delivers.

First, let’s get this out of the way: some of these accounts feature “ruin porn.” Detroit has at least 40,000 abandoned structures. It’s kind of a thing. However, clearly there is much more to the city than documenting its troubles, and we’ve searched up and down for the best accounts offering a wide range of vistas. From architecture to athletes, we’ve got your Instagram feed covered.

Enjoy some great pics of The D!

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Where the locals eat and drink in Detroit

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From Thrillist:

Detroit: where everything good in America came from. (Bourdain said it so it’s gotta be true, right?) It definitely applies to the food and drink, like the sauce-topped coney dogs that could start a turf war among locals claiming their favorite coney spot is the best or the 100-deep classic drink menu from cocktail-haven Sugar House, one of the best cocktail bars in the country. These are the spots where locals (and Bourdain, probably) get their coney on. Plus, all the other restaurants and bars folks in the D head to once they wipe that all-meat chili sauce off their faces.

SLOWS BAR BQ (Corktown) – The award-winning and rightfully TV-famous Yardbird sandwich & the 100+ beer selection

Mae’s (Pleasant Ridge) – Diner-style breakfasts and lunches that you’ll dream about constantly once you’ve had your first taste

Roast Westin Book Cadilac Hotel – Food from celebrity chef Michael Symon

Mudgie’s (Corktown) – Sandwiches piled mouthwateringly high with corned beef, roasted turkey, peppered ham, and everything else good in the world

Noble Fish (Clawson) – Has the size and spirit of a traditional Japanese sushi bar.

La Dolce Vita(Palmer Park) – A double-threat that’s just as good at brunch as on a romantic date

Supino Pizzeria (Eastern Market) – Thin crust, NY-style, no-nonsense pies

Centaur Bar(Downtown) – A lineup of 21 specialty martinis that changes seasonally

Ye Olde Tap Room (Northeastside) – 250+ local, national, and international beers

The Sugar House(Corktown) –  one of the best cocktail bars in the country

Foran’s Grand Trunk Pub (Downtown) – An extensive Michigan beer selection

The Town Pump Tavern (Downtown) – Where else can you enjoy a pitcher of beer beneath a tin ceiling in a library nook?

Woodbridge Pub (Midtown) – The food and beer menu are well-matched in their elevated style.

Jacoby’s German Biergarten (Downtown) – European brews at “Detroit’s oldest saloon”

National Coney Island – It’s the oldest coney chain in the state.

Duly’s Place (Southwest Detroit) – This is the purists’ coney.

Detroit One Coney Island (Midtown) – It’s open 24/7, so it’s a critical stop when you’re in need of a late-night coney fix.

Joe’s Top Dog Coney Island and Bar (Dearborn) – Can you get more Detroit than where the folks from the Ford Rouge Plant get their lunch coneys?

American Coney Island (Downtown) – There’s no doubt, American makes a terrific coney dog. You know it, we know it, the world knows it.

Lafayette Coney Island (Downtown) – Lafayette is simply the best original coney there is.

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