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15 new sandwiches that are already Detroit classics

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Firebird Tavern

Read the complete Thrillist article.

Thrillist has compiled this tasty menu of …


“With so many nationally famous sandwiches – the Yardbird at SLOWS BAR BQ, the chicken shawarma at Bucharest Grill, the Mudgie at Mudgie’s, Green Dot’s mystery meats, all of the corned beefs – it’s hard for a new sandwich to “steak” (get it???) its claim to fame in Detroit. So, we looked specifically at restaurants that opened in the last couple of years for the best of Detroit’s new class of sandwiches.”

PBLT – Dime Store, 719 Griswold
Smoked pastrami – Selden Standard, 3921 Second Ave.
Bánh mì & Malibu’s Meatball – Gold Cash Gold Detroit, 2100 Michigan Ave.
Shrimp Po’ Boy – WALA, 1010 Washington Blvd.
Spicy Asian pulled pork sammy – Rock City Eatery, 11411 Jos. Campau
Cuban sandwich – La Nena’s Restaurant – 8600 W. Vernor
Litte Italy – Rubbed, 2015 Michigan Ave.
Lew Silver Bagel Sandwich – Detroit Institute of Bagels, 1236 Michigan
“Catfish” tofu fillet sandwich – Detroit Vegan Soul (D.V.S), 8026 Agnes St.
Hammer of the Gods – McShane’s Pub & Whiskey Bar, 1460 Michigan
Ploughman’s – The Brooklyn Street Local, 1266 Michigan Ave.
Breakfast BBQ sandwich – Maccabees at Midtown, 5057 Woodward Ave.
Fried Green BLT – Firebird Tavern, 419 Monroe St.
Rabbit sandwich – Rose’s Fine Food, 10551 E. Jefferson Ave.

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Outdoor Dining Restaurants in Detroit: 22 Great Spots

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“Everything – burgers, pizza, brunch, barbecue – seems to taste so much better when eaten outside. Paired with a really cold beer or a glass of wine and it’s over. Luckily, many Detroit eateries provide patios, rooftop bars, and secluded backyards for the ideal dose of Vitamin D and there are even more on the way (Gold Cash Gold Detroit, Selden Standard, Punch Bowl Social – Detroit, La Noria Bistro, and Kuzzo’s Chicken & Waffles just to name a few). Here, in alphabetical order, are 22 sun-soaked patios spanning the city.”

1  1917 American Bistro – 19416 Livernois Ave.
2  3rd Street Detroit – 4626 3rd St.
3  Bert’s Market Place Complex Of Detroit / Local And National Entertainment – 2727 Russell St.
4  Detroit Beer CO – 1529 Broadway St.
5  El Barzon – 3710 Junction St.
6  Fountain Bistro at Campus Martius Park – 800 Woodward Ave.
7  Great Lakes Coffee Detroit – 3965 Woodward Ave.
8  Hopcat – Detroit – 4265 Woodward Ave.
9  Joe Muer Seafood – 400 Renaissance Ctr.
10  Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria and Brewery Detroit – 441 W Canfield St.
11  La Dolce Vita – 17546 Woodward Ave.
12  Mercury Burger Bar – 2163 Michigan Ave.
13  Motor City Brewing Works – 470 W Canfield St.
14  Northern Lights Lounge – 660 W. Baltimore St.
15 The Old Miami – 3930 Cass Ave.
16  Ottava Via 480 Michigan Ave.
17  Seva Detroit – 66 E. Forest Ave.
18  SLOWS BAR BQ– 2138 Michigan Ave.
19  St. Cece’s Pub – 1426 Bagley St.
20  The Alley Deck – 4120 Woodward Ave.
21  The Rattlesnake – 300 River Place Dr.
22  Z’s Villa– 42 Piquette St.

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Originally posted by Antiono Smith.

West of Downtown Detroit you’ll find the up and coming area of Corktown. The good people at Visit Detroit guided me through this historic area and helped me discovered some delicious hot spots.

Before I get into the hot spots, let me tell you a bit of Corktown history. Corktown is Detroit’s oldest neighborhood and has been established since 1834. The area received its name from the Irish settlers which were primarily from County Cork, Ireland. Although the neighborhood contains tons of newer developments, it still retains some of its original Irish flare.

You can find notable restaurants like Ottava Via, SLOWS BAR BQ and ASTRO COFFEE by driving along Michigan Avenue, but some eateries are located in more secluded areas. Green Dot Stables is not on Michigan Avenue but is worth the drive to locate. Green Dot is known for it’s delicious $2 – $3 dollar sliders and horse racing aesthetic. Every week the restaurant chooses a special mystery meat slider. This week’s special slider was alligator. I wasn’t bold enough to try it but I’ve heard it was pretty good. I would suggest ordering their Fried Chicken slider with maple syrup and the Poutine. It kind of tastes like a chicken and waffles combination.

Interested in seeing Corktown up close? This area is one of the attractions visited by Show Me Detroit Tours. For complete tour info visit

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Pony Ride: Growing the New Generation of Local Businesses

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Read the full report from American Express OPEN.

On an unassuming corner in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood, on a block full of buildings that appear to be abandoned, a large, tidy office building is surrounded by cars. It’s only the quiet fleet of vehicles and a burst of colorful graffiti on one corner of the building’s facade that give a nod to the pleasant chaos happening inside.

But look closer and you’ll see the building’s name, Ponyride, which hangs above the front door as another hint that what’s inside is something other than ordinary.”

This eight part series by American Express OPEN features some of Ponyride’s entrepreneurs who share their inspiring stories and includes a video produced by Werner Herzog profiling …

# Phil Cooley, the co-owner of Detroit’s famous SLOWS BAR BQ who founded Ponyride four years ago.
# The Empowerment Plan
# Detroit Denim Co.
# Smith Shop and
# Corktown Maintenance

If you’re interested in an up-close look at Ponyride, contact Show Me Detroit Tours and let us know this in on your list of must-see places on a two-hour van tour of Greater Downtown Detroit. For complete tour info visit

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Conde Nast Traveler: Detroit Among “Destinations to Watch in 2015

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Honor Folly

Conde Nast Traveler:


Motor City was once the car-churning beacon of the American Dream, but last December Detroit came to a juddering halt when it was declared bankrupt, unable to pay its spiralling debts. When the motor industry left, so did much of the population who could still afford to, taking with them their tax dollars and leaving empty neighbourhoods in their wake.

But in the aftermath of the city’s decline something curious happened, Detroit jump-started itself again, fuelled this time by a young generation of entrepreneurial Detroiters and newcomers tapping into the cheap property and fighting spirit to generate a new creative energy.

One neighbourhood that has become a beacon of this renaissance is Corktown, poignantly in the shadow of ‘ruin porn’ favourite, the colossal, abandoned Michigan Central Station. It’s main drag, Michigan Avenue, now hums again with bars, cafés and restaurants such as SLOWS BAR BQ, Astro Coffee shop, The Sugar House and Gold Cash Gold Detroit (it’s name taken from the building’s former life as a pawn shop). There’s a boutique inn here too: the two-bedroom Honor & Folly decorated with locally-crafted goods. This summer, its owner Megan McEwen is opening a Michigan country escape on the Leelanau Peninsula, a four-hour drive north of the city.

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Buffalo takes on Detroit: 36 Hours In The Motor City by Bernice Radle

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Michigan Central Station

Originally posted by urban planner/preservationist Bernice Radle:

You have stolen my heart, Detroit.

Here is what happens when you put four people who love planning, cities, buildings and the rust belt together in a car. We drive 5 hours to Detroit, rent out a kick ass industrial loft space, wander around town checking out bars, shops and historic sites, tour a once forgotten Kresge Mansion now being renovated by a 30 year old and meet with Mark Nickita (architect, owner of Pure Detroit and Mayor of Birmingham MI), inside the Guardian building – an art deco masterpiece! It was a trip for the memory books. You can see photos from our trip here.

Here are my top three take aways from our 36 hours in Detroit.

Buffalo is Detroit’s sister city. Hands down. Our radial street grid, friendly mid western attitude and blue collar approach to life is nearly identical. We both can see Canada from our windows, we share Lake Erie and we share similar boom / bust  / rebirth stories. Detroit is definitely Buffalo’s older, bigger Brother – the industrial strength attitude is very masculine, IMO. Sure, Detroit is bigger in size and in population but we can learn a lot from one another and we are only a 5 hour drive away!

TRUE GRIT. With slogans like “Detroit Hustles Harder” and “Detroit Vs. Everybody”, it is clear that Detroit has embraced their true grit and entrepreneurial spirit and that nothing, including their steep decline, will stop them. A rising tide raises all the boats, was the mentality from many of the local folks we spoke with. Sure, there is a long way to go and a lot to accomplish but we left feeling a great deal of confidence in the future of the Motor City. Detroit is tough and resilient!

Detroit is ALIVE. All the articles you’ve read about the vacancy and decline is true however, many fail to notice or mention the incredible amount of life that Detroit has. We saw signs of it everywhere – from a 30 year old buying a Kresge Mansion to the emerging Michigan Avenue retail corridor… the entrepreneur spirit is alive and well in the Motor City.  The downtown is beautiful – the storefronts are lit up with lights, the ice skating rink was packed at midnight and even their top millionaires are working together to privately pay for a light rail system along Woodward Avenue. Heck, even billionaires own community gardens in Detroit.

In case you want to travel to Detroit and don’t know what to do, here is a list of all the places we went to in 36 hours. It was a true sprint!

*  Corktown Tavern
*  Gaelic League & Irish-American Club of Detroit
*  Michigan Central Station
*  Mercury Burger Bar
*  MotorCity Wine
*  Downtown Detroit – Campus Martius Park Ice Rink / Fox Theatre / Woodward Ave.
*  Detroit Institute of Bagels
*  Brush Park
*  Kresge Mansion Tour – Arden Park
*  Eastern Market
*  Guardian Building
*  Mid Town – City Bird / Nest / Shinola
*  Traffic Jam & Snug
*  Greektown – Detroit vs. Everybody

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