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VIDEO: What Chicago can learn from Detroit’s rebirth.

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Watch the Chicago Tribune video.

“Make no mistake — Chicago isn’t Detroit. In Chicago, a businessman couldn’t buy up and renovate dozens of vacant historic high rises in the city’s center and fill them with more than 13,000 employees, all while transforming the surrounding public areas.

But when it comes to applying creative thinking to seemingly intractable urban ills, Detroit may provide Chicago a dose of inspiration.”

Featuring Nojo KicksHopcat – DetroitMidtown Detroit, Inc.Gold Cash Gold DetroitMercury Burger BarRoasting Plant Detroit … and Fel3000ft.

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The 10 Hottest French Fries in Detroit

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Read the complete Detroit Eater review.

It’s Burger Week at Eater Detroit, but what would a burger be without french fries? Thin, thick, wedged, or waffled, they’re irresistible. There are infinite ways to change up the humble french fry, whether they come with or without a burger. Many of Detroit’s favorite chefs have put their own spin on the dish, and despite their differences, each version has three things in common: the potatoes are fried, salted, and utterly delicious.

1 Lafayette Coney Island: Classic
2 Republic: Beef Tallow Fries
3 Gold Cash Gold Detroit: Frites with Pickle Juice Mayo
4 Green Dot Stables: Truffle and Herb Fries
5 The Brooklyn Street Local: Poutine
6 Hopcat – Detroit: Crack Fries
7 Mercury Burger Bar: Garlic Fries
8 La Feria Detroit Spanish Tapas: Patatas Bravas
9 Wright & Company: Loaded Potato Chips
10 Cornerstone Barrel House: Fingerling Frites

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The 5 Best Bars To Spend Your Tax Return / Celebrate End Of Tax Day In Detroit

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Read the complete list from CBS Detroit.

“It’s tax season. Or the remnants of it, because you’ve got your check in hand. Yeah direct deposit! So you scored a big chunk of change back from the government. You deserve it, it was yours anyway. Now that you’ve amassed a small fortune, it’s yours to squander. Drinks are on you, right? ”

The folks at CBS Detroit have prepared this list …

Gold Cash Gold Detroit – 2100 Michigan Ave.
Because what better place should you plunk down your return than at a former pawnshop?
Fowling Warehouse – 3901 Christopher St.
How about having a little fun with that tax return and still save a huge chunk of change?
Detroit City Distillery – 2462 Riopelle St.
This spot is refined and chill, just like the drinks found on the menu.
Green Dot Stables – 2200 West Lafayette Blvd.
If you’re looking for cheap drinks, mixed right, served with a smile, then this is the place. Your friends will love this chill spot that’s so buzzy.
Cornerstone Barrel House – 1456 Woodward Ave.
Throw back some of the hardcore stuff at this freshly-minted lounge. This place specializes in whiskey.

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Conde Nast Traveler: Detroit Among “Destinations to Watch in 2015

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Honor Folly

Conde Nast Traveler:


Motor City was once the car-churning beacon of the American Dream, but last December Detroit came to a juddering halt when it was declared bankrupt, unable to pay its spiralling debts. When the motor industry left, so did much of the population who could still afford to, taking with them their tax dollars and leaving empty neighbourhoods in their wake.

But in the aftermath of the city’s decline something curious happened, Detroit jump-started itself again, fuelled this time by a young generation of entrepreneurial Detroiters and newcomers tapping into the cheap property and fighting spirit to generate a new creative energy.

One neighbourhood that has become a beacon of this renaissance is Corktown, poignantly in the shadow of ‘ruin porn’ favourite, the colossal, abandoned Michigan Central Station. It’s main drag, Michigan Avenue, now hums again with bars, cafés and restaurants such as SLOWS BAR BQ, Astro Coffee shop, The Sugar House and Gold Cash Gold Detroit (it’s name taken from the building’s former life as a pawn shop). There’s a boutique inn here too: the two-bedroom Honor & Folly decorated with locally-crafted goods. This summer, its owner Megan McEwen is opening a Michigan country escape on the Leelanau Peninsula, a four-hour drive north of the city.

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