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Saveur Magazine: “Destination: Detroit”

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With its sprawling geography and revved-up food scene, the Motor City is the perfect setting for a one-day road trip.

Those of us who know and love Detroit consider it a kind of half-finished heaven. We favor its brawny, threadbare aura, its onion-and-mustard-spangled coney dogs, its rambling thoroughfares from a time when Cadillac Eldorados ruled the roads. The city’s lonely Gothic churches, historic Art Deco skyscrapers, and spacious island park are joined by a vast network of urban farms growing all sorts of delicious, fresh things in between swaths of concrete jungle. These farms, together with the city’s new restaurants dispersed in pockets all over town, make an urban road trip the best way to explore Motown.

Read why John O’Connor recommends visits to Anthology Coffee, Rose’s Fine Food, The Heidelberg Project, Eastern Market, Selden Standard, & Detroit City Distillery – and how to do it on a one-day trip.

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Why Motown is poised to come roaring back

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I’ve seen the future, and it is Detroit.

So, why am I hopeful? There are hundreds of initiatives, from tiny startups to massive public-private partnerships, aimed at jump-starting the beleaguered city and putting Detroit squarely on the road to recovery – not as its former industrial self, but as a hub of innovation. It is a model for how to retrofit a city as a hotbed of sustainability – economic, social and environmental.

Joel Makower also looks at the impact of Eastern Market Corporation and The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative (MUFI).

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