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Where did the iconic Detroit “D” come from?

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Old English D

Read the full Michigan Radio report.

The Old English “D” has become emblematic of the city of Detroit – it can be seen tattooed on forearms or stuck on the bumpers of cars, and of course, all over Comerica Park. The baseball team popularized the D, but where did it really come from, and why has the entire city rallied behind it?

Did you know … The D on the Tigers’ hats is different than the D on their uniforms, and the D on the gates of the stadium is different than the D on the banners hanging from the street lights.

Thanks to Michigan Radio for this lesson in history and marketing.

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Detroit Tigers Memories: Final Game of 1968 World Series

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Detroit Tigers Pennant -1968 3  Detroit Tigers Pennant -1968 4

(These photos of the final moments of the game as seen on Detroit television station WJBK-TV were taken by Bill Yagerlener on October 10, 1968.)

The 1968 World Series featured the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals against the Detroit Tigers, with the Tigers winning in seven games for their first championship since 1945, and the third in their history. The Tigers came back from a 3–1 deficit to win three in a row, largely on the arm of MVP Mickey Lolich (shown here), who won three complete games in a single World Series, a feat that has not been duplicated since.

This was the last World Series played before the introduction of divisional play in Major League Baseball, and subsequent expansion of the postseason to include the League Championship Series. In his 1969 book about the history of the World Series, baseball historian Lee Allen made the point that it was the last “pure” World Series, in the sense that divisional play would raise the possibility that the team with the best record from one or both leagues might not get into the Series.

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Detroit News Archives: 52 Tigers Opening Day photographs through the years

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Tigers Opening Day 1911  Tigers Opening Day 1929

See the full gallery of Opening Day photos.

This historic gallery begins with Davey Jones at bat during a snow storm at Bennett Park in 1911.

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