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Entrepreneurs help revive Detroit with heart and grit

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Read the full article on Microsoft’s News Blog.

Detroit Bikes is a growing business and part of a lively entrepreneurial scene crucial to the revival of Detroit. The scene includes tech startups, investors, artisans, foodies, shop owners and transplants like Zak Pashak, drawn to Detroit’s mix of grit and opportunity.
The company kicks off a Microsoft series about entrepreneurship in the Motor City.

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Hour Detroit: DETROIT RIDES!

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Read the complete Hour Detroit feature article.

Find out why Monday nights in Detroit are a celebration of cycling, community, and the city.

Detroit may have been built around the automotive industry, but as the Motor City looks ahead on the road to recovery, its streets aren’t filling with cars, but motor-less, pedal-powered, two-wheeled machines. From manufacturers and mechanics to Monday night Slow Roll, Detroit’s becoming a bike town — and it’s just barely gotten rid of its training wheels.

The Rapid Rise of Slow Roll
Five years ago, Monday night in Detroit were just like any other, now they’re a celebration of cycling, community, and the city.
Without the ‘Squad,’ Slow Roll wouldn’t exist
Booze Cruise
Where there are bikes, there is beer.Gearing Up
Detroit Bikes owner wants to get American-made bike manufacturing back on a roll

Wrenching for a Ride
Detroit nonprofit Back Alley Bikes offers opportunities for youth (and adults) to build, repair, and ride bikes… and have fun in the process

For more about Slow Roll Monday Nights, visit

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VIDEO: Detroit: A Phoenix Rising

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Thanks to Detroit Bikes for providing the link to this great video.

T Brand Studio teamed up with Shell to highlight the changing dynamic of urban life as populations rapidly shift toward cities and focuses on redevelopment efforts taking place in Detroit.

Detroit went from being the richest city in America to the poorest. Re-imagining its future is one of the biggest challenges the city faces … Since 2011, more than 60 buildings in Downtown Detroit have been built or redeveloped. The surge in growth has created an opportunity to rebuild the city in a smart way.”

This video includes some great scenes of programs taking place in the city, including Downtown and Midtown Detroit, Detroit Bikes, Next Energy, and the GM Ren Cen‘s recycling efforts that involve 5 million pounds of materials each year.

Detroit is a symbol of how you can recreate a place and of how you can take something and maintain all of its historical integrity and move it to the next step.

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