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Detroit, USA: Everyone loves a good comeback, and Detroit is currently in the middle of one. Successful techno club manager Dimitri Hegemann sees potential in the city’s run down post-industrial neighbourhoods that remind him of Berlin in the 1990s. Downtown heritage architecture, like the David Whitney and Wright Kay Buildings, have already been restored to their former glory – soon hip clubs in derelict factories will follow. Fiona Brutscher

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Photos: After 15 years of abandonment, the new David Whitney Building

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David Whitney Building Lobby

From Motor City Muckraker:

The century-old David Whitney Building towered over Grand Circus Park like a giant carcass for 15 years, another casualty of Detroit’s decades-long economic decline.

But after a $92 million renovation, the 19-story building reopened in December as “Aloft Hotel,” a boutique hotel with 136 rooms and 105 apartments.

The four-story atrium lobby is breathtaking, covered in terra cotta and marble. The public is invited to tour the lobby, which will not disappoint. (For more photos read the Motor City Muckraker article.)

The David Whitney Building is located in Downtown Detroit on Woodward Ave. overlooking Grand Circus Park .

For details go to www.davidwhitneybuilding.com

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