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“Carnivores may say that there’s nothing quite like the juicy, meaty goodness of a beef patty. However, for those who’ve tried a fresh-made (not that frozen junk) veggie burger, they know there’s nothing better in this world. The beauty of a veggie patty is its flexibility. From tofu to tempeh to black beans, lentils, or falafel — a really top notch house burger adds new complexities to a meal. Pile on fresh vegetables, cheese, sauce, maybe even an egg, and few things compare. In honor of Burger Week, here are 11 delicious ones made right here in Detroit.”

1  Campau Tower Hamburgers/The Americana Eatery – 10337 Joseph Campau St., Hamtramck
2  Northern Lights Lounge – 660 W. Baltimore St.
3  Woodbridge Pub– 5169 Trumbull St.
4  Seva Detroit– 66 E Forest Ave.
5  Cass Cafe – 4620 Cass Ave.
6  Honest ? Johns Bar & No Grill – 488 Selden St.
7  The Brooklyn Street Local – 1266 Michigan Ave.
8  Mercury Burger Bar – 2163 Michigan Ave.
9  Green Dot Stables – 2200 W. Lafayette Blvd.
10  PJ’s Lager House – 1254 Michigan Ave.
11  Detroit Vegan Soul (D.V.S) – 8029 Agnes St.

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From almost famous to truly famous: Metro Detroit’s up-and-coming chefs have arrived

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Originally published in MetroMode

Back in May 2012, we introduced you to metro Detroit chefs on the cusp of making a serious impact in the under-appreciated, and then mostly underwhelming, local culinary scene. Oh my, what a difference a few years make!

Now, metro Detroit’s dining scene is having a serious moment – one that has been a long time coming and one that might have been hailed a bit too preemptively, but is certainly making good on its promise.

With national attention on Detroit, a palpable DIY creative energy, and our notoriously low rents, local chefs have flourished. Ex-pats have returned home and are making national headlines with their work in local kitchens, and chefs from American culinary capitals around the nation have even been imported into the city to much acclaim. What was, nearly three years ago, a question of “Why not us?” has in turn become a bold proclamation of “here we are.”

With that in mind, we now check in on our four chefs from that, dare we say, visionary article, to look at where our then-“Almost Famous” and now legitimately actually famous chefs are today.

Andy Hollyday, Executive Chef and partner at Selden Standard, Detroit

Justin Vaiciunas, Executive Chef at Top of the Pontch, Detroit

James Rigato, Executive Chef at The Root, White Lake

Nikita Sanches, Chef/Owner at Rock City Eatery and Campau Tower, Hamtramck 

Read the full update here.

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