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Read the full Virgin Atlantic article.

This profile of Motown was published today (April 22) on Virgin Atlantic‘s blog and summarizes many of the attractions of “The D”.

On June 1 Virgin Atlantic will launch direct flights to Detroit, the birthplace of Motown, Madonna and the motor car.

Although most commonly associated with Henry Ford and the motor car and Berry Gordy and his Motown record label, Detroit has probably become better known recently for its financial troubles. However, the city has been enjoying a recent resurgence and is once again a hot bed of energy with a burgeoning art scene and new bars and restaurants popping up daily. Read on for a few things you might not know.

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Jophn Varvatos Detroit Homecoming

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John Varvatos celebrates the opening of his Detroit store with a star-studded black carpet arrival and rock star-worthy VIP party, featuring a special live performance by Detroit native, Alice Cooper. Hosted by Chrysler in conjunction with Bedrock Real Estate Services, video directed by Anthony Garth of Hudson Edit.

Best quote from Varvatos … “A lot of people ask me where do I see Detroit going. And I just say, “In the next 5 years it will be one of the most talked about cities in the world.”

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The 26 Best Detroit Bars for Outdoor Drinking

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Read the full list from Thrillist.

As cracks in Detroit’s seemingly impenetrable silver lining (aka, the sky) start to appear, it seems that we’re ready to rush out and enjoy the few fleeting and sweet months of Bob Seger’s favorite season. While holing up in a dark, dank dive may have its appeal in the light-deprived winter months, by the time spring hits, it’s imperative to recharge batteries with some sunlight, a patio, and numerous pints. With this in mind, these are Detroit’s finest bars that let you imbibe in the fresh (or fresh-ish) air.

The Alley Deck
Motor City Brewing Works
Seva Detroit
The Whitney Restaurant – Detroit
The Bronx Bar
3rd Street Detroit
The Old Miami
Hopcat – Detroit
Traffic Jam & Snug

Green Dot Stables
McShane’s Pub & Whiskey Bar
Nancy Whiskey’s Detroit
PJ’s Lager House

TV Lounge
Bookies Bar N’ Grille

The Old Shillelagh
Exodos Rooftop

Whiskey In The Jar
Kelly’s Bar Hamtramck

Z’s Villa – New Center
El Barzon – Southwest
La Dolce Vita – Grixdale
Los Galanes – Mexicantown
Berts Warehouse Entertainment – Eastern Market

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Capitol Park in 1949  The Farwell Building today.

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“Detroit’s Capitol Park neighborhood is one of the oldest in the city, but has not fared well over the years. Made up of high-rise office and retail outlets arranged around a park in the center, many of the buildings today are vacant, awaiting redevelopment. One of these buildings is the eight-story Farwell Building, a long-vacant property with tremendous potential.”

With the renewed interest in and redevelopment of Capitol Park, hopefully brighter days await this historic structure.

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One Campus Martius Waterfall

Photo by dPOP

The One Campus Martius building houses what is said to be the world’s largest indoor waterfall, and what a huge plus that it’s also so radiant. From the natural light which travels through the brightly colored glass in the waterfall to the serene sounds on the water itself, it’s hard not to be in awe of such a fascinating space.

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Detroit Athletic Club reaches 100, marks it with sculptures

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Read the complete Crain’s Detroit Business article.

The Detroit Athletic Club will celebrate its centennial on April 24 with a new sculpture park.

The Albert Kahn-designed club is also completing rooftop renovations to create a restaurant, lounge and meeting rooms, which are expected to open in July.

The $2.3 million sculpture project, which will be placed on the island bisecting Madison Avenue in front of the club, represents the club’s original mission of supporting amateur athletics.

Nine-foot statues of a second baseman throwing a runner out at first, two runners and a football running back donning the number 20 were commissioned by the club’s foundation and sculpted by A. Thomas Schomberg. His most famous work is the Rocky statue in Philadelphia.

A fourth sculpture — a female swimmer — will be installed in the circular drive entryway of the club. The DAC trained female Olympic hopefuls decades ago.

This is just one of the historic structures included in a Show Me Detroit Tours 2-hour tour of Greater Downtown Detroit. Complete tour info is at

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Campus Martius Park among 10 Best Parks that have helped revive their cities

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Campus Martius Park 10 Best

Read the full Detroit Free Press / USA Today article.

As cities have evolved in the last 20 years, so have city parks. The newest open spaces place an emphasis on interaction, fitness and good food, with restaurant pavilions and dining areas, says Patrick Phillips, global CEO of the Urban Land Institute. “It’s very different from the previous generation of parks that were designed to provide beauty and contemplation.”

Since its opening in 2004, Campus Martius Park has proved to be a bright spot in downtown Detroit, helping revitalize its troubled urban core. With a skating rink, fountain, gardens, event stage and high-end French bistro, it has lived up to its slogan as “Detroit’s Gathering Place.”

Want to see firsthand why this park has been selected as one of the 10 Best Parks? Contact Show Me Detroit Tours for info on our daily, chauffeured, deluxe-van tours that include Campus Martius Park. Complete tour info is at

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