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Read the full Virgin Atlantic article.

This profile of Motown was published today (April 22) on Virgin Atlantic‘s blog and summarizes many of the attractions of “The D”.

On June 1 Virgin Atlantic will launch direct flights to Detroit, the birthplace of Motown, Madonna and the motor car.

Although most commonly associated with Henry Ford and the motor car and Berry Gordy and his Motown record label, Detroit has probably become better known recently for its financial troubles. However, the city has been enjoying a recent resurgence and is once again a hot bed of energy with a burgeoning art scene and new bars and restaurants popping up daily. Read on for a few things you might not know.

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Attracting Millennials by Reclaiming Detroit

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Read the full GM FastLane article.

Lynnette Boyle, Bedrock Real Estate Services‘s VP of property management, talks about sustainability and attracting millennials in this guest blog post for General Motors “Fast Lane“.

Nestled in the basement of one of downtown Detroit’s reinvigorated office buildings, is a quirky, vibrant place that’s bursting with creativity. Visitors are greeted by a buzzing neon sign and an un-manned astronaut spacesuit as they enter dPOP inside Bedrock’s 23-story Chrysler House. The ‘out of this world’ design mecca (where designers, artists and others plan the creation of amazing, functional spaces) is a study in the use of reclaimed materials. Old bank vaults are transformed into some of the coolest conference rooms you’ve ever seen, book shelves are made from black iron pipes and salvaged wood from demolished Detroit homes, and there’s a wall filled with remnants – from a vintage fan to an ornate globe to found fixtures and signs – which is truly one-of-a-kind …

… Want to experience the impact for yourself? Come visit us in downtown Detroit. We’ll be happy to arrange a tour!

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Malt---ZIPR Malt---ZIPR 2

Read the full article about Malt in ZIPR Magazine.

Spend a bit of time around Metro Detroit, and you’re sure to see one of Malt’s signature bird murals. Idyllic landscapes form the background for pensive owls, determined pigeons, angry ravens, all rendered in cool colors and fluid lines that resemble flowing locks of hair, as much as feathers. Any individual work by this Wyandotte-born artist is a good introduction to the whole flock, as Malt obsessively iterates these avian muses in countless variations, forming a body of work that manages growth and dynamism, while tempered by remarkable consistency.

For more on this artist visit

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Read the full article from Virgin Atlantic.

Motown. Motor City. But there’s another nickname that suits Detroit’s character best of all, these days: Renaissance City. Certainly, the past 50 years haven’t always been kind to this once-mighty industrial capital. But while Detroit’s fortunes have risen and fallen, thanks to a startling new surge in Detroit tech, in the arts, in design and in independent business, the city is now poised at the start of a brilliant period of regeneration.

Read more at about the combined impact of TechTown, the Detroit Design Festival, Shinola, Detroit Denim Co., the Detroit Bicycle Company, Wallace Detroit Guitars, and many others on Detroit’s phoenix-like rebirth.

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Read the full National Geographic article.

With the nation’s biggest urban bankruptcy in the rearview mirror, the Motor City is attracting investors, innovators, and young adventurers.
Story by Susan Ager
Photographs by Wayne Lawrence

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Made in Detroit: Energy, Optimism and the Resurgence of America’s Motor City

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Read the full Rails to Trails Conservancy article.

The metamorphosis of the Rust Belt centers has become America’s latest genuine epoch, like the rush to the West in the 19th century or the spread of American suburbia in the 1950s and 60s. Among the traits of this resurgence, the diminishing role of the motor car in favor of walkable and bikeable neighborhoods is perhaps the most enduring. In Detroit, the Dequindre Cut, the Detroit RiverWalk and the Conner Creek Greenway, three still-expanding sections of an envisioned trail network, are perhaps the most heralded public responses to this shift.

Slow Roll started with modest ambitions but soon captured the rising swell of energy for biking and local exploration … grassroots buzz has turned this casual Monday night ride into a phenomenon involving up to 1,600 riders exploring neighborhoods, art projects, community gardens, historic buildings and local businesses.

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The Fiscal Times: “Now It’s Detroit’s Turn for a High-Speed Comeback”

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Fiscal Times Detroit

Read the full article from The Fiscal Times.

Last fall, construction crews began digging trenches in downtown Detroit to lay super high-speed fiber optics cable below a new street. This workspace wasn’t far from three-and-a-half miles of reconstructed pathways, parks, green space and a refurbished luxury hotel along the Detroit River …

… The city is reinventing itself as an edgy urban center of business, research and innovation thanks to a unique public, private andphilanthropic coalition. This coalition wants to restore Detroit to its long-ago glory days as a center of commerce, innovation and culture – and early signs of a renaissance are beginning to spread from the inner core out.”

Take a two-hour van ride with Show Me Detroit Tours and see first hand what all the excitement is about in Greater Downtown Detroit. For complete tour info visit

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