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13 Mind-Blowing Detroit Tacos

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Eater Detroit has found these …


When it comes to tacos, which Metro Detroit restaurants are doing it right? We asked and you answered (in the forums, on the tipline, and Facebook). These are Detroit’s best taco shops, according to Eater readers.

1  Taqueria Nuestra Familia-Oficial Page – 7620 W. Vernor
2  Taqueria El Rey – 4730 W. Vernor
3  Taquerla Alameda – 906 S. Wayne Rd., Westland
4  ALLEY TACO – 4614 2nd Ave.
5  Taqueria Mi Pueblo – 7278 Dix St.
6  Taqueria Lupitas – 3443 Bagley St.
7  Timmy’s Tacos at The Painted Lady Lounge – 2930 Jacob St., Hamtramck
8  Imperial – 22828 Woodward Ave., Ferndale
9  Los Altos Restaurant – 7056 W. Vernor
10 Tacos El Primo Catering Van
11 Taqueria Valente Taqueria – 6426 W. Fort St.
12 El Patron Mexican Grill – 1188 Joslyn Ave., Pontiac
13 CARNIVAL MARKET PONTIAC – 1101 E. Walton Blvd., Pontiac

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8 Places to Drink Sangria in Detroit Right Now

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“Refreshing and a little sweet, sangria hits all the right notes when it comes to warm weather drinking. Whether you prefer a single glass, a shared pitcher, or a hefty growler fill, Metro Detroit restaurants have something to offer in the way of sangria. Red, white, and sparkling, here are eight places to drink it right now.”

1  El Barzon Restaurante- 3710 Junction St.
2  La Feria Detroit Spanish Tapas – 4130 Cass Ave.
3  Mudgie’s Deli – 1300 Porter St.
4  Ottava Via – 1480 Michigan Ave.
5  Small Plates Detroit – 1521 Broadway St.
6  Taqueria Mi Pueblo – 7278 Dix St. Mi Pueblo
Torino – 201 E. 9 Mile Rd., Ferndale
8  Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine – 1250 Library St.

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Saveur Magazine: “Destination: Detroit”

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With its sprawling geography and revved-up food scene, the Motor City is the perfect setting for a one-day road trip.

Those of us who know and love Detroit consider it a kind of half-finished heaven. We favor its brawny, threadbare aura, its onion-and-mustard-spangled coney dogs, its rambling thoroughfares from a time when Cadillac Eldorados ruled the roads. The city’s lonely Gothic churches, historic Art Deco skyscrapers, and spacious island park are joined by a vast network of urban farms growing all sorts of delicious, fresh things in between swaths of concrete jungle. These farms, together with the city’s new restaurants dispersed in pockets all over town, make an urban road trip the best way to explore Motown.

Read why John O’Connor recommends visits to Anthology Coffee, Rose’s Fine Food, The Heidelberg Project, Eastern Market, Selden Standard, & Detroit City Distillery – and how to do it on a one-day trip.

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Rose’s Fine Food in Detroit Is the Ultimate Diner

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Rose Fine Foods

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Few diners take the eat local ethos as seriously as Rose’s Fine Food; fewer still serve a rabbit sandwich on homemade bread. That’s the charm of Rose’s. (And charm is putting it lightly; it’s more like a gravitational pull – one that instantly makes you feel like a regular.) The cousins work to make their restaurant a place that is, as they say, “what real old-school diners were: for all people.” And they’ve succeeded.

You’ll find Rose’s at 10551 E Jefferson Ave at Harding.

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Show Me Detroit Tours took a morning detour to sample the treats at Sister Pie. So good!
Best wishes to owner Lisa Ludwinski — another Mercy High School Farmington Hills grad who loves Detroit.
We were touring today with Detroit booster Dave Pasternak, and his Dad and Mom who were visiting from L.A.

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Read the full menu from Eater Detroit.

“Carnivores may say that there’s nothing quite like the juicy, meaty goodness of a beef patty. However, for those who’ve tried a fresh-made (not that frozen junk) veggie burger, they know there’s nothing better in this world. The beauty of a veggie patty is its flexibility. From tofu to tempeh to black beans, lentils, or falafel — a really top notch house burger adds new complexities to a meal. Pile on fresh vegetables, cheese, sauce, maybe even an egg, and few things compare. In honor of Burger Week, here are 11 delicious ones made right here in Detroit.”

1  Campau Tower Hamburgers/The Americana Eatery – 10337 Joseph Campau St., Hamtramck
2  Northern Lights Lounge – 660 W. Baltimore St.
3  Woodbridge Pub– 5169 Trumbull St.
4  Seva Detroit– 66 E Forest Ave.
5  Cass Cafe – 4620 Cass Ave.
6  Honest ? Johns Bar & No Grill – 488 Selden St.
7  The Brooklyn Street Local – 1266 Michigan Ave.
8  Mercury Burger Bar – 2163 Michigan Ave.
9  Green Dot Stables – 2200 W. Lafayette Blvd.
10  PJ’s Lager House – 1254 Michigan Ave.
11  Detroit Vegan Soul (D.V.S) – 8029 Agnes St.

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Soft Drink Map

Check the full lineup from Thrillist.

In Michigan the honor is split between two soft drinks with a Detroit connection.

According to Thrillist

Faygo Beverages Inc. is perhaps best known nationally for being appropriated by Insane Clown Posse, but this refreshing Michigan soda’s wildly popular in its home state for its multitude of flavors and relatively low cost. This could’ve gone to Vernors as well, but Faygo is more ubiquitous throughout the state and is still made in Detroit, so it comes out on top.

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