How Celebrities are Singing Detroit’s Praises

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Ben Affleck created quite the buzz when he was spotted wearing a “Detroit City” T-shirt.
If you’ve been to Detroit, you may have seen Kid Rock’s brand, Made In Detroit (Official Brand Clothing) especially known for their T-shirts.
Nicole Curtis and host of HGTV’s “Rehab Addict” prides herself on restoring the glory to Detroit’s hidden gems.
Aside from highlighting The D through his lyrics, Eminem is known to give back to the city through his Marshall Mathers Foundation.
Erin Cummings founded the Mittens for Detroit.
Ryan Gosling became quite the Motor City maven during production of his film “Lost River.”
Jack White saved the day a few years back when The Detroit Masonic Temple was facing foreclosure.
Sir Paul McCartney had one of the Motown Museum‘s pianos restored.

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