Detroit sculptor Corrado Parducci gets his due

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Originally published by The Detroit News

The names of Detroit’s fabled architects — Kahn, Rowland, Yamasaki and the two Saarinens, to cite but a few — are well-known and the source of no little bragging on the part of Detroiters.

But what of the artists responsible for the architectural flourishes that often got you to look at the building in the first place?

One such unknown is sculptor Corrado Parducci, whose embellishments gave punch and texture to structures as far flung as Detroit’s Guardian Building and Rochester’s Meadow Brook Hall.

“Parducci is long overdue to be remembered,” says Detroit artist Gary Eleinko, for years head of the exhibitions committee at the Detroit Artists Market. “His Art Deco stuff graces so many of the major high-rises of the 1920s and ’30s. And his bear fountain at the Detroit Zoo is one of the most popular fountains in the area.

Show Me Detroit Tours visits several locations in Downtown and Midtown Detroit where you can see Parducci’s incredible works.

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