Month: December 2014

22 Photos That Show Why Detroiters Love Their City

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1. Detroit is magical.

2. It’s a place where abandoned buildings and possessions can be transformed into gold.

3. It’s a place of so many damn dreams.

4. And Detroiters have the strength to make them reality.

5. It seems everyday a new business proudly states it’s “Made in Detroit.”

6. Like this company [Branded By Detroit] that produced these D-town neighborhood signs out of wood from old Detroit houses.

7. Eastern Market and local restaurants have made the city a foodie heaven.

8. So many organizations and individuals have dedicated themselves to improving the health and welfare of the city.

9. And the city has grown as a result.

10. Detroiters have a great sense of humor.

11. And our sports stars are very down-to-earth.

12. The city also has very serious local pride.

13. The Detroit Institute of Arts is probably the most underrated museum in the United States.

14. The People Mover might be kind of useless, but it sure is pretty.

15. The Light Tunnel makes transferring between terminals at Detroit Airport like swimming in an ocean of sound.

16. The riverside fountains make everyone a kid again in summer.

17. But winter in Detroit ain’t all that bad either.

18. Is there any place more beautiful than Woodward Avenue during Christmas?

19. If things get a little too cold, there’s always the warmth of a show downtown.

20. Buildings like The Detroit Masonic Temple are beautiful, but they can also turn up.

21. It’s true that Detroit has faced struggles, but the city is unbelievably resilient.

22. Because Detroit is a city that will never give up. 

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